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Connect with listed companies in emerging markets

Closir is a tool for professional investors to keep up to date with company travel plans, schedule meetings with management and access strategic information not available elsewhere.

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How Closir Can Help Investors

Latest Strategic Information

Company IR teams in emerging markets use Closir to communicate management travel plans, organise calls and meetings with investors, and post strategic updates (including investor materials).

Never Miss an Opportunity

Track companies that fit with your investment strategy, keep up with strategic updates and receive alerts when company management travels to your city.

Schedule Calls and Meetings

Arranging meetings with companies from emerging markets is often a challenge. Closir makes the process simpler and more efficient, following up with companies to ensure a quick response.

An Engaging Investor Dashboard

Investor Dashboard

Additional Features

Trustworthy & Secure

Closir uses state-of-the-art encryption technology to keep your communications secure. All of the information you provide is visible only to the audience you intend.

Company Wishlist

Continuously update a wishlist of companies you would like to meet face-to-face. Closir notifies companies of your interest in a meeting, helping to ensure you are included in roadshow planning.

Updated Company Profiles

Closir provides constant support to companies, keeping their information updated and encouraging a best practice approach to investor relations in emerging markets.

Press Coverage

  • "Technology platform Closir connects investors with companies in markets that are opening up – it's a kind of LinkedIn for investor relations, which can provide investors with information on companies and also arrange meet-ups with their chief executive officers."

  • "Closir has launched a fantastic FinTech product to help investors cut through the transparency challenges inherent to working with companies in emerging and frontier markets. Closir helps investors nail down opportunities and connect with listed companies."

  • "Companies can build profiles and use them to push through all their usual disclosure to registered investors and other entities, while targeting and analytics tools help users discover, explore and engage with new and potential investment opportunities."

  • "Closir enables companies to connect and engage with professional investors, extend their global reach and find both institutional (sovereign wealth funds, hedge funds, pension funds, etc) and retail investors through a useful, simple and intuitive interface."