Elevate your investor relations

Closir is a complete solution which allows IR teams to understand the buy-side and achieve their objectives proactively, with minimal demand on their time

  • Investor Access

    Identify and quickly organise meetings, calls and events with ‘high value’ investors not covered by your brokers, and better understand their investment criteria

  • Shareholder Tracking

    Receive an automated daily summary of buyers, sellers and new investors across all equity instruments; map funds to institutions; and monitor investment in peers

  • CRM

    Monitor interactions; save and share meeting details, agendas and notes; and generate customised activity reports for management, measuring performance against objective

  • ESG

    Target ESG funds and specialists; understand buy-side governance criteria and use Closir to tailor the company story for the widest possible audience

  • Earnings Calls

    Organise and host high-quality earnings calls with Q&A from the Closir platform, with full moderation, webcasting, transcripts, and video & call recording

  • Perceptions

    Get qualitative feedback throughout the year from investors and analysts on all elements of the company strategy, and track sell-side recommendations

Powered by market-leading technology

The Closir platform uses machine learning to significantly improve the day-to-day workflow of investor relations professionals, helping them to manage and achieve their strategic objectives efficiently and intelligently.

Trusted by hundreds of companies around the globe