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Investor Access 2.0

Closir is a technology platform which provides companies with direct access to the entire universe of instiutional investors

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Closir Helps Companies to

Reach a global audience of investors

Target and access the entire EMEA investment community of 5,000+ mutual funds, hedge funds, sovereign wealth funds and family offices, and better understand their investment criteria.

Quickly plan and fill roadshows anywhere

Find out where investor interest is concentrated and quickly fill the meeting agenda using a simple technology tool.

Take control of your investor access

Manage all your investor profiles, meeting notes, IR calendar, peer holders, perceptions and feedback in one intuitive and easy to use platform.

About Closir

  • Over 95% of active institutional investors believe face-to-face meetings with companies are an important part of the investment process. These investors rely heavily on brokers to organise meetings with companies when they are in town. Companies plan their annual investor relations agenda around broker conferences and regional coverage.

    This works well for blue chip companies and large investors who have relationships with multiple brokers. For everyone else, the amount of support available from brokers is getting smaller. Market regulations are now putting the model under even greater pressure, forcing companies and investors of all sizes to re-evaluate their approach and look for alternative solutions.

    Companies want to meet investors but find they have no easy way of knowing who they should be targeting, and who may be interested in meeting them. Investors would like to be notified whenever company management has availability for a meeting, and to get a quick update directly from the company whenever a key event (such as change in management) takes place.

    With this in mind we built Closir. Closir helps companies tap directly into the entire global investment community, targeting and identifying opportunities through a simple, intelligent technology platform. It helps investors to reach beyond their broker’s network to have the entire investible universe at their fingertips.

Trusted by emerging market companies around the world

Press Coverage

  • "Technology platform Closir connects investors with companies in markets that are opening up – it's a kind of LinkedIn for investor relations, which can provide investors with information on companies and also arrange meet-ups with their chief executive officers."

  • "Closir has launched a fantastic FinTech product to help investors cut through the transparency challenges inherent to working with companies in emerging and frontier markets. Closir helps investors nail down opportunities and connect with listed companies."

  • "Companies can build profiles and use them to push through all their usual disclosure to registered investors and other entities, while targeting and analytics tools help users discover, explore and engage with new and potential investment opportunities."

  • "Closir enables companies to connect and engage with professional investors, extend their global reach and find both institutional (sovereign wealth funds, hedge funds, pension funds, etc) and retail investors through a useful, simple and intuitive interface."