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Our vision is to bring professional investors and companies from around the world closer together.

Our Story

We started our careers working with institutional investors and listed companies at some of the largest financial institutions in London and New York. During this time, we found that the process of learning about and accessing companies in emerging markets can be very inefficient. Investor relations practices in these markets are still developing, reliable information is often hard to come by, and organising face-to-face management meetings can be challenging outside of the main financial centres.

Companies themselves find articulating their investment story and reaching a global audience far from straightforward. Emerging and frontier markets present a unique opportunity for the investment community. They account for over 85% of the global population, the vast majority of energy consumption and around half of all economic activity. Despite this, they are difficult to access, are often misunderstood and are broadly under-represented in global portfolios.

With this in mind, we decided to create Closir, an online platform to help investors learn about and access companies in emerging markets, whilst at the same time giving those companies a direct communication channel with global markets.